Daily Habits: Your Sit Place

Posted by ALO on September 28, 2018 in Ponder

Daily Habits:

Sit Place, Truth, and Dual Grace

Your daily habit of your “sit place” is always your first step, your first stop. Whatever your situation is, start by sharing your thoughts and feelings with God. Receive His care and comfort as you share and then listen to His voice of truth. If you are using a journal write your thoughts and your feelings first, pause, and then write what He says to you. Remember, His words to you will match the words and principles of the Word of God. Listening to His true words for your particular situation will move you into step two, your daily habit, Truth. Hold on to His true words as you enter into step three, your daily habit of “dual” Grace. Remember and receive daily His love by His sacrificial death for you, reminding yourself you are deeply loved by Him. No matter your circumstances, never let go of His Grace work for you. Also in step three, take His Grace and walk out what He speaks to your heart to do in your present circumstances. Do not exit; listen, trust, and obey His loving, truthful words to you. He is trustworthy and has your very best in mind. These three need to be present no matter what your experience. They will be your greatest strength and help, no matter the storm that may have entered into your world.

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